07 October 2008

Obama's friend

From Hugh Hewitt's interview with Stanley Kurtz :

HH: All right, one last time for one last question, Stanley Kurtz, Rashid Khalidi again. Would most Americans be, I don't know much about his work other than that he's at Columbia, would most Americans who support Israel be upset that Obama is close to Rashid Khalidi, so close that they share many, many… 
SK: Rashid Khalidi. They would be horrified, Hugh. They would be horrified. It would be like saying that the strongest advocate for the Palestinians and the greatest critic of Israel in the United States was close to Obama. And you know something? He is, and he was and he is. And so friends of Israel are rightly horrified by this.  

"Change" can mean anything.  Maybe this is what Obama means - sitting down with Bill Ayers , Rashid Khalidi and Ahmadinejad and just figuring out how to fix the Middle East. 

Not that John McCain is any better - after all, he spent several years living with Communists during the 60's. 

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