12 November 2007

the magic bullet

Thank goodness! USA Today announces plan to save planet and stamp out obesity all at once. All we have to do is:

"Get out of your car and walk or bike half an hour a day instead of driving."

Oh, okay. Sure, that makes sense. Instead of driving all the way to work, I'll just park a couple of miles away and walk the rest of the way. Nothing to it.

Never mind the random cars pulled up on sidewalks or just sitting in the middle of the road a mile from someone's destination. 

Hey, it could work.

06 November 2007

Our United Nations

Does the UN only hire sexual deviants and criminals? Cause I'd really like to get in on this.

I'm not saying we should quit funding the UN. What if we just charge all member nations the same flat per citizen fee? Let China and India pay for most of it.

02 November 2007

Media favor Dems

Nothing really shocking about this. Investor's Business Daily reports on a Harvard study (okay, that's a little shocking) that media coverage - bias and volume - favors Democratic candidates over Republicans.