16 August 2006

Kidman, et al.

Yeah, it's nice that a bunch of Hollywood types have condemned terrorism - how hard is that, anyway? But it's still a little annoying to have entertainers offering opinions on non-entertainment topics and having people pay attention to them as if they were experts, or somehow involved in that arena.

I mean, I'm glad to see them showing (IMHO) some ability to recognize that we are in fact at war, but how can I reasonably credit them any more than their cohorts who speak out so vehemently against Bush and our Iraq policy?.

Nicole's pretty cute, though. She was pretty hot in Eyes Wide Shut. Bet she's glad she dropped that alien-worshipping freak Cruise.


Top source for antioxidants

Money quotes:

Larger quantities of coffee seem to be especially helpful in diabetes prevention. In a report that combined statistical data from many studies, researchers found that people who drank four to six cups of coffee a day had a 28 percent reduced risk compared with people who drank two or fewer. Those who drank more than six had a 35 percent risk reduction.

"We were surprised to learn that coffee quantitatively is the major contributor of antioxidants in the diet both in Norway and in the U.S.A.," said Rune Blomhoff, the senior author of both studies and a professor of nutrition at the University of Oslo.

These same anti-inflammatory properties may explain why coffee appears to decrease the risk of alcohol-related cirrhosis and liver cancer.


08 August 2006

Army of Terrorist Davids the future?

Bruce Sterling offers up a vision from a British military thinker that suggests national borders will be less defined, the world population will be more mobile, and the third world will invade the first on 737s with laptops and blackberries.

07 August 2006

Best fans in the NFL

Favre looked fairly sharp in front of a sold-out Lambeau Field crowd during the Green Bay Packers' "Family Night" scrimmage on Saturday.