25 October 2002

my free host bolted on me
I'm trying to switch to Blogspot.

14 October 2002

Funny one
We don't get to church as much as we probably should. We're Catholic. What can I say. Anyway, we were there Sunday.
Maia (3) is understandably a little confused about the whole experience. First of all, we've told her that Bogie (our dear departed Miniature Schauzer) has gone to live with Jesus. So whenever we're at church she's pretty sure that Bogie is there somewhere.
This week we explained (in hushed tones) that Jesus was up on the cross behind the altar. And on the other wall was an image of his Mary and Joseph with him when he was a baby.
So Mass is over (finally, don't get me started...) and we're walking out past Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.
Maia says, "There's Jesus with his mommy and daddy."
And we nod happily. (Religious education proceeding)
Maia looks around and says, "Where's Bogie?"

03 October 2002

Phidipedes and me
I ran in the Twin Cities Marathon on Sunday. First time and in all likelihood it will be the last time.

Gerri ran it last year and I ran with her for the last 10 or so miles. more later ...

I'm finally getting back to this after a couple of weeks. I don't have time to blog. The real bloggers amaze me.
Anyway, about the marathon - it was an experience. I don't really consider myself a runner. Gerri's a runner. She's into it, runs all the time, gets edgy when she doesn't get to run. I run occasionally when the stars are properly aligned (warm enough outside, no kid events to attend, etc.) for exercise only.
I wish I was a runner, but I'm too Type B. I think you have to be at least a little obsessive/compulsive to really be a runner, but I could be wrong.
Despite this fact I did actually complete the marathon - an hour after Gerri, of course, but hey, give me a break. My shirt (thanks, dear) said First Marathon on the front which generated a fair number of comments and Last Marathon on the back which got a handful of laughs from people who actually noticed.
I got quite a few comments from other runners on the Last Marathon bit.(As they were passing me, obviously) Most along the lines of "Oh, sure. I say that every year."
I haven't really decided if it was really my last marathon, but it's my last for a while. I don't want to attempt it again until I have more time to train properly. What I found was that I wasn't going to get up at 5:00 a.m. to run (I wasn't too surprised) and running after work just didn't work. Our evenings are way too busy.
Maybe when the kids are older ...