20 October 2010

Deep analysis of the current political climate

From here.

AMERICANS: "So, the economy is pretty bad and there's high employment. You think you can do something about that?"

DEMOCRATS AND OBAMA: "We can spend a trillion dollars we don't have on pork and stuff."

AMERICANS: "No … that's not what we want. We'd really like you not to do that."

DEMOCRATS: "You're stupid. We're doing it anyway."

AMERICANS: "That's not going to help us get jobs!"

DEMOCRATS: "Sure it will; millions of them … though they may be invisible. You'll have to trust us they exist. And guess what else we'll do: We'll create a giant new government program to take over health care."

AMERICANS: "That has nothing to do with jobs!"

DEMOCRATS: "We don't care about that anymore. We really want a giant new health care program. We're sure you'll love it."

AMERICANS: "Don't pass that bill. You hear me? Absolutely do not pass that bill."

DEMOCRATS: "Believe me; you'll love it. It has … well, I don't know what exactly is in the bill, but we're sure it's great."


DEMOCRATS: "You're not the boss of me! We're doing it anyway!"

AMERICANS: "Look what you did! Now the economy is way worse, we're even deeper in debt, and we have a bunch of new laws we don't want!"

DEMOCRATS: "You're racist."

AMERICANS: "Wha … How is that racist?"

DEMOCRATS: "Now you're getting violent! Stop being violent and racist, you ignorant hillbillies! And remember to vote Democrat in November."

13 October 2010

Interesting analysis of Obamacare

This is old, but I hadn't seen it before. A retired constitutional lawyer read one of the early drafts of Obamacare and commented. Some of it's more than a little scary.
I'm not sure how much of what he read was in the bill that was passed, but it's scary enough that it was ever proposed.
Take a look.

03 October 2010

Invitation to view tom's Picasa Web Album - 2010 State Fair

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2010 State Fair
Sep 5, 2010
by tom
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Pix from the State Fair
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