18 January 2011

British backing away from nationalised health care

AS WE MOVE TOWARD THE BRITISH MODEL, THE BRITISH MOVE AWAY: UK Government Plans Major Health Care Reform. "The British leader, whose Conservative Party heads the country's coalition government, said he would save money and cut red tape by giving control over management to family practitioners rather than bureaucrats, and allow private companies, charities and social enterprises to bid for contracts within the public health service." Is there a lesson here?

15 January 2011


even the most inaccurate and excessive rhetoric on the left these days doesn't invoke violence
Scroll down to the pictures collected here, and try to tell me that with a straight face.

Or do what I did and google "Anti-bush signs" and then "Anti-obama signs" and compare the results. One search returns - to my mind, at least - much more violent imagery. Judge for yourself.

03 January 2011