31 October 2008


was on CNN when I went into the cafe for lunch. The pull quote they were showing under his talking head was "We will respond swiftly and strongly to any attacks" - at least that's what I saw, so I thought he was trying to reassure people in light of Biden's gaffe of a couple of weeks ago regarding an Obama administration being tested early on. 
Then I looked at it again and saw that it actually said "...to any GOP attacks" and that made a lot more sense. 

so gas prices

are down. Shouldn't the price of everything that went up because of increased transportation costs be coming down, too?

29 October 2008

the multi-tasking myth

Interesting piece that definitely sounds familiar.

28 October 2008

23 October 2008

21 October 2008

Orson Scott Card points out

the obvious: newspapers are part and parcel of the Democratic party. And they're perpetuating lies - which seems to be the opposite of what one would expect them to do with their vaunted Freedom of the Press - to help Obama and all the rest.

Yawn. Tell me something I didn't know.

(Incidentally, I'm a big fan of Card's. It doesn't even bother me that he's a Democrat.)

Bachman backpedals under pressure

I would say that Obama's pastor of 20 years certainly has anti-American views. Why is it so wrong to wonder the same about Obama ? He worked with Bill Ayers for years. Bill Ayers seems to have some anti-American views. Even Michelle Obama has had some unkind things to say about this country. 

Why aren't more people saying the same thing that Rep. Bachman said?

"I agree with Biden"

From the Captain :
I agree with Biden.  Obama is exactly like Kennedy in this regard, and our enemies will test us by threatening our interests around the globe if we elect Obama.  I'd rather avoid the problem altogether and elect a man who puts enough fear into the minds of our enemies to keep them from testing us at all.


Poor Joe.

Be careful what you say when Obama  shows up uninvited in your neighborhood.

Change can mean many things ...

not necessarily good.

Colin Powell called Obama a "transformational" figure. Roger Kimball doesn't deny it.

20 October 2008


was obviously acting as a double agent ... giving the Lions disinformation to help his old team. 

Back home

We were on Fall break last week and took the opportunity to tool around Wisconsin a bit. We visited Number One Son at UW-Oshkosh then headed to Green Bay for a few days. We visited the Packer Hall of Fame which was terrific. We had the place mostly to ourselves since it was a random Thursday afternoon.
We spent Saturday at the Northeast Wisconsin (aka N.E.W) Zoo. It was a beautiful fall day - perfect for walking around looking at mostly bored animals. There were a couple of lion cubs who were fun to watch, and the otters put on a show for the crowd. Daddy lion panthered back and forth by the fence seeming eager for an opening to cull the young and weak from among the crowd.
Saturday night I 'got' to watch Saw 4. I'm not a horror movie fan, but this one was more interesting than I expected. The plot was interesting if you could sit through the gore.
Sunday we headed for home back via Oshkosh to drop off the student. We listened to a Patterson book on the way back - Beach Road (?) I think. It was okay, if occasionally annoying and often predictable. Anyway it passed the time quite well.

07 October 2008

Obama's friend

From Hugh Hewitt's interview with Stanley Kurtz :

HH: All right, one last time for one last question, Stanley Kurtz, Rashid Khalidi again. Would most Americans be, I don't know much about his work other than that he's at Columbia, would most Americans who support Israel be upset that Obama is close to Rashid Khalidi, so close that they share many, many… 
SK: Rashid Khalidi. They would be horrified, Hugh. They would be horrified. It would be like saying that the strongest advocate for the Palestinians and the greatest critic of Israel in the United States was close to Obama. And you know something? He is, and he was and he is. And so friends of Israel are rightly horrified by this.  

"Change" can mean anything.  Maybe this is what Obama means - sitting down with Bill Ayers , Rashid Khalidi and Ahmadinejad and just figuring out how to fix the Middle East. 

Not that John McCain is any better - after all, he spent several years living with Communists during the 60's. 

06 October 2008

What he

said. The keywords the dems keep repeating: "Bush", 
"Right-wing", "Deregulation". 
Reality is actually the opposite of those words, but where 
will we hear that?

Please, please, please

don't elect Al Franken. 

01 October 2008

Making it in America

A college kid graduated, moved to South Carolina and set out to see if it was still possible to make it from having nothing to having a good life. He succeeded and then he wrote a book about it. Glenn and Helen interviewed him and a person who immigrated and also started with nothing wrote some interesting comments about their interview.