20 October 2008

Back home

We were on Fall break last week and took the opportunity to tool around Wisconsin a bit. We visited Number One Son at UW-Oshkosh then headed to Green Bay for a few days. We visited the Packer Hall of Fame which was terrific. We had the place mostly to ourselves since it was a random Thursday afternoon.
We spent Saturday at the Northeast Wisconsin (aka N.E.W) Zoo. It was a beautiful fall day - perfect for walking around looking at mostly bored animals. There were a couple of lion cubs who were fun to watch, and the otters put on a show for the crowd. Daddy lion panthered back and forth by the fence seeming eager for an opening to cull the young and weak from among the crowd.
Saturday night I 'got' to watch Saw 4. I'm not a horror movie fan, but this one was more interesting than I expected. The plot was interesting if you could sit through the gore.
Sunday we headed for home back via Oshkosh to drop off the student. We listened to a Patterson book on the way back - Beach Road (?) I think. It was okay, if occasionally annoying and often predictable. Anyway it passed the time quite well.

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