16 December 2008

So what happens

when the Fed gets into the 0% financing game? I'm just curious.

09 December 2008

Illinois governor arrested

over corruption charges  related to choosing the President-elect's senate replacement. Wow. Corruption in Illinois politics. Who'd have guessed?

08 December 2008

RNC chair candidate

vows "to restore [Republicans] confidence by re-emphasizing the party's stance on issues like abortion and gay marriage."

I don't think that's the way do it. I'd rather see them move away from the religious issues to the smaller government, lower taxes planks of the platform. I don't expect that to happen, though.

02 December 2008

Dave Barry is


Literally sitting at my keyboard with tears of laughter welling up - but not actually running down my face. Not quite.

"Blow 'em outta the water, Dad!"

I'm glad the cruise ship got away, but I'd rather hear they shot back. Seems like we ought to be able to put some guns on some of these ships that are getting hijacked and kill the pirates. There seems to be a reluctance to do that which I don't understand. Six guys in two speedboats shouldn't expect to be able to hijack a ship with 700 people on it. Seriously.