14 October 2002

Funny one
We don't get to church as much as we probably should. We're Catholic. What can I say. Anyway, we were there Sunday.
Maia (3) is understandably a little confused about the whole experience. First of all, we've told her that Bogie (our dear departed Miniature Schauzer) has gone to live with Jesus. So whenever we're at church she's pretty sure that Bogie is there somewhere.
This week we explained (in hushed tones) that Jesus was up on the cross behind the altar. And on the other wall was an image of his Mary and Joseph with him when he was a baby.
So Mass is over (finally, don't get me started...) and we're walking out past Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.
Maia says, "There's Jesus with his mommy and daddy."
And we nod happily. (Religious education proceeding)
Maia looks around and says, "Where's Bogie?"

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