23 April 2002

The weekend
Friday I got home and ran 5 miles. It was chilly, but I ran okay. Gerri was working, so i just hung with the kids for the rest of the night.
Saturday was a little busier. Gerri and I had planned to run in the morning, but we decided it would be warmer in the afternoon. Matt had his last indoor soccer game at noon. They demolished their opponents 11-0. A nice change from their last two games which were hard-fought losses. Matt scored a goal, so he was happy about that.
The girls missed the game 'cause they went to their cousin Madison's birthday party - she's three. I took the boys over there after soccer. It was quite a party - all the kids got to decorate t-shirts with paint, glitter, and all manner of decorative doo-dads. Our boys skipped that bit, but they were happy to have some pizza and cake.
All was good until I went outside to check on the girls and saw Matt throw Hailey's candy bar. Then as she was walking to go get it, he threw a football and hit her in the back of the leg. I made him go sit in the car for the rest of the party - about an hour. Matt, Ben, and Gerri all thought that was a bit much, but I don't think it was too extreme. He's 12. He shouldn't be throwing things at his 5-year-old sister. Anyway he cried and yelled at me most of the way home in the car. He said Ben had tackled Hailey several times and didn't get in trouble. I said I hadn't seen that and yada, yada, yada.
Gerri and I ran 8.5 miles after we got home. We ran to and around Cleary Lake. I felt pretty good and we were making pretty good time (for us). Gerri's all about us improving our speed. Last year when she ran the Twin Cities Marathon we were running 10/min miles. Now that she's talked me into running it this year, we're going to try to knock a minute or two off that pace. The faster we can run the less time we have to spend doing it. I still can't quite imagine running 26.2 miles. I ran a 25K last summer (roughly 15 miles) and that was rough. I'll definitely have to focus a little more on my training this year.
Saturday night I played poker with some guys from work. I'm not much of a poker player. They kept having to explain the rules to me - not the BASIC rules, just what the hell High-Low Chicago, Baseball, In Between, and Criss-Cross meant. I played pretty conservatively and ended up about $20 up on the night.
Sunday Gerri worked and I stayed home with the kids all day. Sunday night I played basketball. We had about 13 guys which worked out okay. A few weeks ago we had over 20 and that was a nightmare.
All in all it was a decent weekend. We'll be in Green Bay this weekend for my step-sister-in-law's wedding. That should be fun.

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