23 April 2002

Funny Maia Story
Gerri met her friend Gina at the health club today. She dropped Maia (age 2) off at the club's daycare and got away with minimal fuss - no tears, Maia just told her she needed a hug.
Gina was still getting her Tyler settled when Gerri left, but when she was done she went to give Maia a hug. Maia told her, "No, Gina, I not want to hug you. You're scary."
An amused Gina told her, "I'm not scary, Maia. I'm your friend and my feelings will be hurt if you don't give me a hug."
Maia's other friends Hannah and Hailey were standing right there, too. Hannah was hiding behind Maia, but Hailey was standing besider her. Maia pushed Hailey towards Gina and said, "Hannah's afraid of you, too, but Hailey will hug you."

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