01 October 2007

Do we really need a full-time legislature?

When I read this kind of thing, it makes me think we no longer need Congress.
If they really think it's a worthwhile use of their time to comment on news stories then I think we can save the money and let them find a real job.
I thought it was silly when they 'condemned' the MoveOn Betray-us ad, and I think this newest one is worse.
What is this High School?
"You picked on our friend, now we're going to pick on yours."
Seriously, don't we have enough laws? Why don't we convene a congress every 5 years for 6 months and they can pass whatever laws they can in that period of time. If they can't come up with anything then I can live with that.
When you elect people to make laws they feel that's what they have to do. That's how government has become the behemoth that it is.
I think it's time for a do over.

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