23 July 2007

Lileks on Scary McRaincoat

Now. You could say that there's nothing wrong with a fifty-something guy with a grey beard and a raincoat and no fixed address wandering around a playground looking at the kids in their bathing suits, and that it's unfair to deny a fellow the simple human pleasure of watching kids enjoy themselves just because he happens to be homeless.

I don't care.

First of all, there aren't any shelters in this area. Second, I don't care. Third, it's possible he's homeless because he spent a lot of time in prison for kiddie-diddling. Fourth, you don't get to look like the fellow who shows up to collect the Hellraiser cube and hang around the kiddie pool. Good bye.

Here's the rest. Pretty much nails my feelings on the matter.

I realize the odds of something horrible happening to my kids is vanishingly small. The stakes, however, are so high that I feel like any risk is too much.

That said, I tend to regard with suspicion anyone who shows more than passing interest in my kids. The other side of that is I try to avoid paying too much attention to other people's kids.

I don't necessarily like this environment, but it is what it is.

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