19 June 2007

Cable Co Horror Story

Teh InstaMaster is running a poll looking for an alternative to his horrible Comcast service. This reminded me of my favorite all time cable company experience.
I don't remember where we lived at the time - Kingsport, Knoxville (Hi, Glenn), or Green Bay. I think it might have been Green Bay, but it doesn't really matter.
We had cancelled our service, or dropped part of our service, or something like that and there was a secret decoder ring or some such device that we had to - as Glenn mentions - drive all the way across town to give back to them.
We did that, but we lost the receipt.
They started sending us bills to the effect that we had not returned the item.
We insisted that we had and they continued to deny it.
I physically took my posterior back down to the dingy little office (yeah, pretty sure it was Green Bay. I'm picturing a location over on the West side. We, of course, lived on the East side.) and continued our discussion. The not so gracious lady checked a ledger and said our item was not listed, so we hadn't returned it.
I explained that we had, in fact, done so.
She said if we had returned it then there would be a slip of paper attached to this here clipboard and it would be in that there ledger.
Since she had already checked the ledger, I offered to check the clipboard.
She thought that would be an invasion of someone's privacy, but she consented to do it herself. She did it in front of me and initially she tried to hide the papers from me, but after flipping through a few she had the clipboard down where I could see it - albeit upside down.
Long story slightly shorter - as I watched, she flipped right past the long string of numbers and letters that represented the wayward device and I said - "Wait, that was it."
She flipped back to it and after several moments of silence she agreed that it was.
I'm pretty sure I didn't speak to her again (which was for the best) I just glared at her as she gave me another receipt.

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