18 February 2007

Response to Susan Estrich's FoxNews article of 2/18

In your editorial of 18 February on FoxNews.com you complain that the president isn't listening to those in Congress and the media who want our troops to leave Iraq. You further encourage the congressional leadership to do more to "stop this war".

As to the President not listening - I don't believe it's his responsibility to listen to polls and whatever talking heads agree with the media outlets that give them air time.

He was elected to execute this war and I certainly hope he has better intelligence resources to base his decisions on than the evening news, or latest Gallup.

I voted for him - twice. The first time it was a close decision, but after 9/11 I was very glad I made the decision I did.
The second time it was a no-brainer. Kerry was a terrible candidate and I had no faith that he would continue the war that I believe is a necessary front in the war on terror.

I'm not enamored of President Bush. I'm not happy with his domestic performance, but I believe that we must win the war in Iraq to encourage change in the Middle East. If we fail in Iraq, it will only embolden the terrorists and the tyrants who support them. Failure is not an option. And I believe we are winning the war. Although if I only listened to the major media outlets it would be hard to hold that opinion. The troops also believe in their mission and believe they are winning. They don't want to come home until the job is done.

Any resolution by Congress that suggests to the terrorists that they are winning the war for the American heart is obviously not supportive of the troops. Terrorists don't expect to win their engagements in the traditional sense. Their battle is with the will to win of those they attack. Your article, the House resolution, and recent comments by Democratic leadership can not do other than to tell our enemies that they are succeeding in their objectives.

How that can be considered support for our troops is beyond my ability to perceive.

Tom Clements
Prior Lake, MN

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