31 January 2006

Google's evil

Google's crossroads deal with China has a lot of people upset, and certainly it's a slippery slope they tread. But I'm not convinced that they've truly - at least with this deal - turned their back on their famous motto.

I think they sat down and they made a real world decision recognizing how bad it would look, but that the potential for good outweighed the blow to their cred.

Google of all organizations has to understand how hard it is to effectively censor the internet. Information flows too quickly and in too many directions to be easily confined. I suspect that China's thought police do not yet grok this in fullness.

Google, however, certainly does. At the same time, they can't come right out and say so.

I think Google.cn will be good for the Chinese people, though now it appears to support a totalitarian regime.

I guess we'll see.

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