12 August 2004

home improving

I'm in the middle of laying slate in our mudroom. Kind of a longish story -

Gerri's sister built a new house. After they moved in, they decided they wanted a black washer and dryer, not the white one they picked out initially. This led to Gerri deciding we should buy their white set to replace ours.

Since we were going to have the washer and dryer out anyway, she figured we might as well go ahead and replace the vinyl. It's a project that's been on our list for a few years, but never near the top. Until now.

It's going okay, but none too quickly. Last night I made all the straight cuts. Most of the whole tiles are down. Hopefully tonight I can finish up the tiles I cut last night. Then all I should have left are a handful of fitted cuts to do to go around corners, the gas pipe, and the central air vent.

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