07 July 2004


I signed up for my new gmail account last week when I rediscovered Blogger. They asked if I wanted one, and I said, 'yes. OH yes.'

so far, so good. I like the conversational organization, the labels, and the keyboard shortcuts. I look forward to a few more features -
more filter options - like being able to forward messages to another email address
pop access - this will be huge. I've been pissed at Yahoo ever since they dropped this service. I hope google doesn't get greedy and try to make it a premium service.
contacts - it's awesome that it automatically adds people to the contacts list, but I would like to be able to organize all my contact info here. Import and export options would be nice. In fact why not integrate search functionality to try to look up addresses for people. That would be hard to do well, but google is the search company.

Now I just have to decide at what point do I tell people I have a new email address. I hate that. That's one of the main reasons I use yahoo as my primary email - no matter who my ISP is my email stays the same.

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